Originally trained as a certified translator Adriane experienced the powerful effects of Bowen Therapy firsthand after having had a serious horse riding accident.  Whereas other therapies failed to help, it was Bowen Therapy that produced miraculous results. Being impressed by the amazing healing properties of Bowen Therapy, she decided to learn the technique herself.

Adriane set up her clinic in Regent Waters in 2004 and has since been inspired to help others discover and bring about a greater sense of well-being and natural health in their own lives. The philosophy behind the technique is the recognition of the existence of an innate or inborn self-healing intelligence, which establishes, protects and restores health, given optimum conditions. It is Adriane's goal to create that healing environment by combining knowledge, experience and intuition. This is facilitated by the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere produced by surrounding park lands and lakes full of bird life, which make it easy to let go and to relax. Adriane takes great pleasure in seeing her clients leave not only with less pain and more mobility but also with a more positive attitude and a smile on their faces. In recent years she has taken on additional therapies such as Microcurrent Therapy and working with WellAnalyse Non-Linear Diagnostic System.

Adriane has a diploma in Smart Bowen and has done advanced training in Fascial Kinetics.  

Additional training includes: "Body Mind Bowen Therapy", Trevor Rose’s “Hormonal Release the Bowen Way”, “NST Deep Cures”, “Lymphatic Drainage” as taught by Brian Smart, Russell Sturgess’ Courses “Fascia – where Spirit and Body Meet” and “Fascial Kinesiology” as well “Bioresonance Therapy” , “TRE”, Microcurrent Therapy and the use of WellAnalyse Non-Linear Diagnostic System

She is a member of the Bowen Therapist Federation of Australia (BTFA).