Body Mind Bowen Therapy


“The body remembers, what the mind forgets”


Our bodies are dynamic entities in a continual state of change. Orchestrating the body is an innate intelligence or self-healing mechanism, which communicates with the body via sensations or symptoms. For us to be able to understand the way our body is communicating with us, we need to listen to these symptoms.


Our “bodymind” is shaped by the interrelationship of our heredity and complex physical, emotional, mental and spiritual history. This very personal conditioning is held as a memory in our tissues.  When we have experienced trauma, these painful memories have usually been stored in areas of our body that have literally been “shut off”. It is in these areas where we feel an altered state of sensation such as numbness, pain, tingling or just tension or pressure. These sensations are hiding the traumatic stories of our lives.


In Body Mind Bowen Therapy we are using the Bowen touch as a means of connecting the sensations to the stories thus processing and releasing repressed emotions and resolving trauma. What we don’t allow ourselves to feel or express becomes stuck and causes muscular tension much like a body armour which over years can become chronic. When we release these stuck emotions we simultaneously heal the associated pain and muscular tension.


Repressed emotions constantly strive to come to consciousness – that is to escape from the unconscious and become overt. Body Mind Bowen Therapy facilitates this process in a structured safe quiet and supportive atmosphere. Since in most cases physical symptoms have been caused by emotional trauma, this therapy is a holistic and very efficient way of healing, going back to the very root of the problem.