After Care


  • Please don’t sit for more than ½ an hour at a time on the day of treatment.
  •  Drink plenty of water – little and often is best (2 l a day is ideal)
  • Do plenty of walking – at least 15 minutes a day
  • Practice light exercises. Avoid strenuous exercise or twisting


Please avoid:

  • Sitting with your legs crossed
  • Hot-water bottles/ice packs
  • Electric blankets
  • Deep-heat rubs
  • Long, hot baths
  • Hot, showers


Please avoid other kinds of treatments while you are having Bowen Therapy.  Bowen Therapy is subtle. Its effects are powerful but can be dampened, stopped or altered by other therapies. Herbal and homeopathic and any conventional medicine is fine.

You may feel some discomfort after the treatment for a couple of days. This is a positive sign and is your body trying to correct itself.  If you are in a lot of pain please do not rub the area, but take a painkiller, Arnica or Rescue Remedy if necessary.  If after 5 days you are still in a lot of pain, or you are worried, please feel free to call me. Some people can feel a little emotional after Bowen, which is also ‘normal’ as Bowen Therapy works on an emotional level as well.

A second treatment is recommended, and needs to be between 5 and 10 days after the initial treatment, 7 being optimum.  Observing the above as much as possible will help Bowen to be effective.

Call or email me if you have any questions or concerns