Treatable Conditions


  • Anxiety and stress-related conditions

  • Back pain, sciatica and spinal problems

  • Blood pressure

  • Children (Bedwetting, ADD, ADHD, Autistic spectrum, Dyslexia & Dyspraxia)

  • Chronic Fatigue syndrome, Post-viral fatigue

  • Digestive and bowel problems (e.g. Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

  • Earache and tinnitus

  • Fibromyalgia and ME

  • General muscular aches and stiffness

  • Headaches & migraine

  • Hormonal imbalances

  • Joint problems (tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, knee and ankle problems)

  • Lymphatic drainage

  • Newborn baby problems (e.g. Colic, feeding problems, sleep-related conditions)

  • Pelvic tilt, uneven leg length and groin pain

  • Post dental trauma, TMJ and jaw problems

  • Pre-surgery preparation

  • Post-operative recovery

  • Respiratory problems (Asthma, Bronchitis, Hay fever)

  • Repetitive strain injury and carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Sports injuries

  • Whiplash

  • Women’s problems (e.g. Heavy or painful periods, infertility, fibroids)



Conditions that can be treated with Bowen: Back & Neck, Shoulders including frozen shoulder, Carpal Tunnel, RSI, Pelvic Tilt, Sciatica, Joint Problems.

There are some individuals with back pain and neck pain who state that Bowen therapy has improved their problem after the first procedure. A tune up remedy procedure might be in order after a few months.

Most conditions that respond to Bowen Therapy are knee, ankle, neck and back pain. It can also treat asthma and dizziness along with dental or facial pain. If you have suffered from whiplash, these gentle moves may greatly reduce the trauma. Back pain and sciatica associated with pregnancy may also be greatly helped with Bowen.


Conditions that can be treated with Bowen: Headaches, Migraines, Earache, Tinnitus, Whiplash Injuries, Jaw Issues, Post-dental Trauma.

Have you ever felt that nothing works when it comes to Migraines?

You can feel the pain creeping on from the back of your head, and apart from using strong pain killers, nothing really works to reduce the pain. If you were told that your migraine is 'hormonal' and nothing can be done about it, you suffer in silence and endure it.

A Bowen practitioner can be a source of help that not only reduces the frequency of migraines, but even in time may eliminate them entirely!


Conditions that can be treated with Bowen: Anxiety, Stress, Muscular Aches, Stiffness, Post-operatory Recovery, Digestive Issues such as Kidney & Bowel Problems, Chronic Fatigue, Post-viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, ME, Parkinson’s Disease.

The theory behind  Bowen Therapy is that our nervous system manifests stress and anxiety in the form of pain, which the body may experience a number of ways including panic attacks.

When the nervous system enters into a state of restfulness, it becomes more capable of processing and dealing with external stimuli that might otherwise cause it to overload.

By using only their thumbs and fingers, practitioners of Bowen Therapy apply gentle pressure and move over strategic points in the connective tissue of the body. These points may be located on the trunk, head, or limbs of the patient's body depending on the type of symptoms experienced. If you're already familiar with Chinese medicine, you might notice that some of these Bowen 'moves' coincide with important acupressure points or are performed over meridians.

Some people may experience immediate relief of pain or an emotional release, but for others it may take a few days or a few sessions for the body to respond fully. However small subtle differences can usually be noticed fairly quickly as the body rebalances and reaches a state of homeostasis. Many people after having undergone the treatment are amazed at how much better they feel.


Bowen Therapy is an excellent complimentary treatment for sports injuries because it is so gentle that it can be used immediately, especially over swollen tissue. What makes Bowen Therapy different from most bodywork is that there is no forceful manipulation. Bowen works very well on soft tissue and muscle injuries often allowing them to heal much faster than they do with other more traditional treatments. Bowen may also help speed recovery after surgery.

Bowen Therapy is increasingly used by sports professionals, with specific notoriety in tennis, football, squash, and rugby. Players often recover faster from injury as well as tending to keep layers freer from injury.

With the ability to heal faster and other benefits of Bowen, players can come back on the field with simply surprising results.


Are you searching for a method to help asthmatics naturally and successfully often reducing the use of steroids and drugs?

Conditions that can be treated with Bowen: Asthma, Bronchitis, Allergies, Sinusitis, COPD.

Tom Bowen’s wife suffered from asthma and was hospitalized many times before he developed a respiratory procedure. By using his technique of gentle “moves” in specific places on the body and developing the "asthma release move" he was able to help her to the extent that she was never hospitalized again.

Whatever the level of asthma, or similar respiratory problems, Bowen often seems to reduce the level of attack very quickly, and effectively. As Bowen is very gentle and non-invasive, there is no risk in using it with these conditions.

Treatment tends to produce results very quickly which last. Very often just a very few sessions may change the situation for the sufferer. As with any allergy, avoiding contact with the allergen is an essential part of the treatment. Bowen very often achieves the release of tightness in the chest which aids both asthmatics and other respiratory sufferers.

The Bowen Asthma Emergency Procedure (Bowen Release Move) is taught to all clients suffering from respiratory problems . It is quick to administer when the Diaphragm goes into spasm. In many asthma cases this move may help asthma sufferers to reduce the frequency they use their puffers. If it does not work, it is perfectly alright to use the reliever spray.

If you are seeking a holistic therapy for children and adults with respiratory problems, Bowen is really a risk-free choice that works well along with conventional medicine.


Poor diet along with stress have a phenomenal impact on our ability to digest nutrients from food. Typically along with this one is less capable of getting rid of toxins in the body.

Bowen is helpful to those who suffer from:

* bloating
* acid reflux
* kidney problems
* gall bladder disorder
* ileocecal valve issues
* crohn’s disease
* diarrhea

Bowen Therapy has been shown to improve hormonal and metabolic balance. Once the body is able to absorb nutrients better, the need to store fat reserves and toxins will be reduced. A Bowen session does help the body to detoxify, which is why it is important to drink plenty of water at all times but especially following a treatment.


Conditions that can be treated with Bowen: Menstrual Difficulties, Hormonal Imbalances, Fertility Issues, Preparing for Childbirth, Breast Care, Mastitis, Birth Trauma in Newborns, Feeding Problems, Colic, Bed Wetting, Growing Pains, ADD, ADHD, Autistic Spectrum, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia


As a pregnancy proceeds, the woman’s posture changes and puts strain on certain muscles and joints creating some new aches and pains and exacerbating pre-existing ones. Bowen can offer great relief from ensuing back ache and sciatica, as well as tension in the neck and shoulders by keeping the pelvis correctly aligned and preparing it for childbirth. By allowing the mother’s body to be well balanced, it can also be beneficial to the baby in utero by helping to maintain adequate blood flow to the uterus and keeping the neural pathways clear. The general well-being afforded by Bowen may also help with improved sleep and better digestion. All newborns are offered a free Bowen treatment as soon after birth as is feasible to help them recover from the trauma of birth and to bring their little bodies into balance.

For New Mothers

Bowen Therapy is good for speeding recovery after birth. Bowen assists the uterus to contract and helps the pelvis to realign. The sooner the mother comes after birth for treatment, the more beneficial the Bowen Therapy will be.

For Babies

It is helpful to treat a newborn as soon after birth as possible in order to rebalance its small body after the trauma of birth, whether delivered by natural or assisted means. Bowen Therapy can also be successful in treating colic, or other kinds of digestive problems in an infant. Bowen is gentle and can be used on the most delicate of babies. Bowen Therapy often is very effective in helping to relieve baby asthma.


Bowen Therapy can be very helpful for people suffering from cancer. It does not treat cancer itself but may be used to help with the discomfort and after affects of cancer treatment - chemotherapy, radiation, lymphedema, etc.