Medec Bioresonance System


“The natural force within each one of us is the greatest healer of disease” (Hippocrates)

 “With energy signals we are talking to the body in a language it can understand”


Medec is leading in the development and growth of Energy Medicine, one of the most exciting newly emerging sections of medical  technology. The products are based on a combination of scientific western, traditional Chinese and complementary medical systems.

The Medec Bioresonance System stimulates the complete organism inductively and regulates acupuncture points and meridians. It is designed for private use at home but is also increasingly used and supported by doctors, medical institutions and high profile professional athletes.

Medec Bioseronance produces a pulsating energy field by means of a control unit and an applicator mat or pillow. This energy field stimulates a resonance within the human body. It induces fine currents within the body that are very similar to the body’s own currents.

Bioresonance Therapy stimulates the body’s own healing powers and thus triggers a profound effect within the body, which can only otherwise be achieved by using pharmaceuticals. However, as it is the body’s own forces that are mobilized, the application has virtually no side effects and is thus a very effective naturopathic method.

The goal is the vitalization of Blood vessels, functional optimization of tissues, the improvement of absorption of vital nutrients and the stabilization of the autonomic nervous system. All of this is achieved by the use of oscillations that correspond with the natural action potentials of the nerve and muscle fibers of a healthy organism, as well as the resonances of the blood vessels and the parasympathetic nervous system. The program assists in balancing lack of exercises and also improves digestion. It harmonizes the body’s energy system similar to acupuncture.


The effects of Bioresonance Therapy on the organism:


·      Induces micro vibrations in the blood vessels and thus reduces friction             

·      Improves the ability of the blood to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide

·      Speeds up cell metabolism, improving the supply of cells with nutrients

·      Improves the viscosity of the blood. It becomes thinner and more fluid

·      Regulates blood pressure

·      Reduces the risk of embolism

·      Reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis

·      Reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack

·      Acts quickly against thrombosis

·      Causes a dilatation of the vessels

·      Improves the blood values, especially the acid and fat contents

·      Stimulates T Lymphocites

·      Increases the activity and function of the immune system

·      Accelerates the healing process

·      Helps energy deficient cells

·      Deepens breathing

·      Induces and reinforces the reconstruction of cells and defective tissues

·      Leads to growth and regeneration

·      Increases overall protein synthesis

·      Increases the production of numerous important substances in the body

·      Inhibits the clumping of blood cells

·      Helps regenerating nerves

·      Anti-stress effects

·      Improves metabolism

·      Improves circulation, reduction of haematoma and oedema

·      Improves migraines

·      Normalizes insulin secretion